Scripts available for purchase:

Rumpelstiltskin - A dark, adventurous retelling of the classic fairy tale about the determination of a mother to save her abducted child--and her kingdom--from a horrific fate.

Who's Yer Daddy? - Broad body-switching comedy about a redneck monster truck driver who gets entangled in some voodoo magic and ends up pregnant with his and his girlfriend's baby while trying to make his dreams of monster truck driving stardom come true.

I'll Fly Away - (with Haylar Garcia) When a serial killer is miraculously healed of the head trauma that caused his sociopathic behavior, he raises the child who healed him as his own after murdering her parents. 

Abomination - (with Haylar Garcia) The lowliest man in the Vatican, a disgraced former priest now working as a janitor, discovers he is the only one who can stop the rise of the anti-Christ.

Sample scripts available to verified industry pros:

Transient - Contained sci-fi/ action - The last human being in the universe is born on a space ship to a robot caretaker, learning what it is to be human from an artificial intelligence.


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