"Kathryn is a very talented actor and writer. I have worked with her in several projects. She is always prepared and ready to go. A real Pro!" - T. David Rutherford (actor, former president of CO Theatre Guild)

"I've known Kathryn for several years and have come to admire her talent as an actress, her skill in analyzing a script and her abilities as a writer. Specifically we together produced and directed Kathryn's short script "Web of Lies" in 2010. Our skills complemented each other, and our temperaments blended to make an effective partnership. I highly recommend Kathryn as an actor, a writer or as a director. As an actress she's willing to take on physical roles and unafraid of complex 'thinking-person's' parts." - Nelson Goforth (gaffer, actor, filmmaker)

"Working with and for Kathryn was a great pleasure. She is very serious and passionate about her work. She's not just an actor, director or producer, but she also writes for stage and film. I had the opportunity to work with her on a 'live-foley' stage play and found the experience challenging and fun. Kathryn is a well-established contributor to the arts in Colorado and I look forward to her new and upcoming work." - John Paul Sharp (actor, musician, songwriter/ composer)

"Kathryn is an accomplished actor-screenwriter with whom I've had the privilege of working on a number of projects. She is creative, innovative and naturally talented with well-honed skills. I'd recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to undertake." - Robert Webb (actor, writer, co-founder of The Intendence Film Festival)